Database Management System DBMS MCQ BCA Fourth Semester 2021 Batch

Database Management System DBMS MCQ BCA Fourth Semester 2021 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Database Management System MCQ BCA
Batch: 2021
Semester: IV

i. Which of the following is an example of metadata?

a) Record

b) Information

c) File name

d) Data type and size of the fields

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ii. Which of the following is not a component of a Data Dictionary?

a) Entity

b) Record

c) Attributes

d) Relationship

iii. DBA Database Designers and Application programmer works at ……..

a) Conceptual level

b) View level

c) Physical Level

d) Internal level

iv. The process of transforming requests and results between the three levels is called…….

a) Mapping

b) Query processor unit

c) Communication interface

d) Data independence

v . Display the detail of the Employee belonging to the “HR” Department having salary more than 20000 then which of the following relational algebra operations is correct for it?

a) σDepartment=”HR” /\ salary >20000(employee)

b)  πDepartment=”HR” /\ salary >20000(employee)

c) σDepartment=”HR” \/ salary >20000(employee)

d)  πDepartment=”HR”\/ salary >20000(employee)

vi. Purpose of the GROUP BY is…….

a) Group data by column values

b) Group data by row values

c) Group data by column and row values

d) To filter out the row values

vii. From the set of values if we want to find the minimum value then which function can we use.

a) Min

b) Minimum

c) Least

d) Last

viii. ________________constraint belongs to domain constraint.

a) Check

b) Unique

c) Primary

d) Referential

ix. The property of a transaction that persists all the crashes is …

a) Atomicity

b) Durability

c) Isolation

d) All of the mentioned

x. Which of the following are introduced to reduce the overheads caused by the log-based recovery?

a) Deadlocks

b) Indices

c) Checkpoints

d) Locks

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