SAD – System Analysis and Design MCQ BCA Third Semester 2023

System Analysis and Design MCQ

Attempt all the questions.

Circle (0) the correct answer.

i. Which is the first step in software development?
a) Analysis
b) Design
c) Development and documentation
d) Problem/Opportunity identification

ii. The importance of software design can be summarized in a single word, which is
a) Efficiency
b) Accuracy
c) Quality
d) Complexity

iii. Cohesion is a qualitative indication of the degree to which a model
a) Written more compactly
b) Focuses on just one thing
c) Functional in a timely manner
d) Connects to other models and the outside world.

iv. A programmer reviews the accuracy of an algorithm by………… it.
a) Analyzing
b) Coding
c) Desk-checking
d) Planning

v. Which of the following is not considered a tool at the system design phase?
a) Plot
b) Dataflow diagram
c) Decision table
d) System flowchart

vi. A…….. is software that is designed for drawing diagrams of IS systems, writing process specifications
a) System development tool
b) CASE tool
c) Phase conversion tools
d) Success factors

vii. Which of the following prototypes is not associated with the prototyping model?
a) Domain
b) Vertical
c) Diagonal
d) Horizontal

viii. Which model is used to analyze the risk factor for developing software?
a) Agile
b) Waterfall
c) Spiral
d) Prototype

ix. Which of the following activities of the generic process framework delivers a feedback report?
a) Deployment
b) Planning
c) Modeling
d) Construction

x. The agile software development model is built based on…….
a) Linear development
b) Incremental development
c) Iterative development
d) Both incremental and iterative development.

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