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Welcome to the BCA FIFTH SEMESTER SYLLABUS of the BCA program at Tribhuvan University! This semester will continue to build on the foundation you have established in the previous semesters and provide you with a deeper understanding of key concepts and skills needed to excel in computer science.
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S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab HoursDownload
1CACS301MIS and e-Business332
2CACS302DotNet Technology333
3CACS303Computer Networking332
4CAMG304Introduction to Management331
5CACS305Computer Graphics and Animation3312

In the course “MIS and e-Business” you will learn about the management of information systems and their role in businesses, as well as the concept of e-business and its application in the modern business world.

In “DotNet Technology” you will learn about the Microsoft .NET framework and its components, and how to use them to develop web and desktop applications.

In “Computer Networking” you will learn about the different types of computer networks, their functions, and how they are used to connect devices and share resources.

In “Introduction to Management” you will learn about the basic concepts of management and how they are applied in the business world.

In “Computer Graphics and Animation” you will learn about the techniques and tools used to create and manipulate digital images, as well as the principles of animation and how to create animated graphics.

Overall, BCA FIFTH SEMESTER SYLLABUS will provide you with an in-depth understanding of advanced concepts in computer science and technology and will help prepare you for a career in this field. Good luck with your studies!

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