BCA Fourth Semester Scripting Language MCQ 2021 Batch

BCA Fourth Semester Software Engineering MCQ 2021 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Scripting Language MCQ BCA
Batch: 2021
Semester: IV

i. How to check the number of elements inside the HTML form using JavaScript?

a) document.form.elements.count b) document.form.elements.length c) document.form.count d) document.form.lengt

ii. Which of the following is not a loop in JavaScript?

a) for b) while c) foreach d) forwhile

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iii. In JavaScript, what do we use for calling the expression for function definition?

a) Function calling b) Function prototype c) Function literal d) Function declaration

iv. Which object is the main entry point to all client-side JavaScript features and APIs?

a) Standard b) Location c) Window d) position

v. What is the description of Error level E_ERROR?

a) Compile-time error b) Fatal run-time error c) Fatal Compile-time d) None of them

vi. Which PHP function offers to send raw arbitrary HTTP headers?

a) setcookie() b) header() c) set_header() d) All of them

vii. Which one of the following functions is used to search a string in PHP?

a) preg match b) reg match c) preg search d) reg_test

viii. Which property holds the status of the XMLHttpRequest?

a) State b) readyState c) pause State d) httpState

ix. How can you add custom CSS to a WordPress site?

a) In the “Theme” setting b) In the “Menu” section c) In the “Style” settings d) None of the above

x. …… magic method is triggered when invoking inaccessible or non-existent methods of an object.

a)_call() b)_get() c)_construct() d) toString()

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