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Welcome to the Third Semester of the BCA program at Tribhuvan University! This semester will build on the foundation you have established in the previous semesters and provide you with a deeper understanding of key concepts and skills needed to excel in computer science. These courses will give you an in-depth understanding of key concepts in computer science and technology and help prepare you for a career in this field
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S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab HoursDownload
1CACS201 Data Structure and Algorithms333
Probability and Statistics
3CACS203System Analysis and Design331
4CACS204OOP in Java3312
5CACS205Web Technology333

In the course “Data Structures and Algorithms” you will learn about the different data structures and algorithms used to manipulate them and how to choose the appropriate data structure for a given problem. You will also learn about the time and space complexity of different algorithms.

In “Probability and Statistics” you will learn about the mathematical concepts of probability and statistics and how to apply them in the field of computer science. You will study topics such as probability distributions, statistical inference, and hypothesis testing.

In “System Analysis and Design” you will learn about the process of developing and implementing a system, including the steps involved in system analysis and design. You will study different methodologies and techniques used in system development, such as the Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

In “OOP in Java” you will learn about the concepts of object-oriented programming and how to implement them in Java. You will learn about classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces.

Finally, In “Web Technology” you will learn about the technologies used to create and maintain websites, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and web frameworks.

Overall, this semester will provide you with an in-depth understanding of advanced concepts in computer science and technology and will help prepare you for a career in this field. Good luck with your studies!

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