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Welcome to the Fourth Semester of the BCA program at Tribhuvan University! This semester will continue to build on the foundation you have established in the previous semesters and provide you with a deeper understanding of key concepts and skills needed to excel in computer science.
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S.NCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursLecture HoursTutorial HoursLab HoursDownload
1CACS251Operating System444
2CACS252Numerical Methods33
3CACS253Software Engineering331
4CACS254Scripting Language3311
5CACS255Database Management System332
6CAPJ256Project I24

In the course “Operating System” you will learn about the different types of operating systems, their functions, and how they manage computer resources.

In “Numerical Methods” you will learn about the mathematical techniques used to solve problems that cannot be solved analytically. Topics such as numerical integration, differentiation, and optimization will be covered.

In “Software Engineering” you will learn about the process of designing, developing, and maintaining software. You will study different methodologies and techniques used in software development, such as the Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

In “Scripting Language” you will learn about the different types of scripting languages, how they are used and how to use them to automate tasks.

In “Database Management System” you will learn about the different types of databases and how to design, implement and manage them.

In “Project I” you will work on a real-world project that will give you hands-on experience in the field of computer science.

Overall, this semester will provide you with an in-depth understanding of advanced concepts in computer science and technology and will help prepare you for a career in this field. Good luck with your studies!

BCA Fifth Semester Syllabus

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