Database Administration MCQ BCA Seventh Semester 2019 Batch

Database Administration MCQ BCA Seventh Semester 2019 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Database Administration MCQ BCA
Batch: 2019
Semester: VII

i) What is Oracle database used for?
a) Creating backup for data
b) Accessing database servers
c) Store and retrieve relevant data
d) Both a & c

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    ii)Which of the following is the smallest unit of storage in an Oracle database?

    a) Segment
    b) Extent
    c) Data File
    d) Data Block

    iii. Which of the following is used to logically group data together?
    a) Tablespace
    b) Datafiles
    c) Object
    d) Database

    iv)Which of the following package procedure is UNRESTRICTED in Oracle?
    b) USER_EXIT

    v) Which schema object instructs Oracle to connect to remotely access an object of a database?
    a) Database Link
    b) Sequence
    c) Data Link
    d) Remote Link

    vi) Which of the following is referred to as the language used application programs to request data from the DBMS?
    a) DDL
    b) Query language
    c) DML
    d) DCL

    vii. Which of the following keyword is used with Data Control Language statements?
    a) INSERT
    b) SELECT
    c) DELETE
    d) GRANT

    viii. The redo log buffer and Shared pool are elements of?
    a) SGA
    b) PGA and Buffer cache
    c) Buffer cache
    d) PGA

    ix) Which processes is an instance made of Oracle?
    a) Data processes
    b) Oracle background processes
    c) Memory processes
    d) All of the Mentioned

    x) Backup scheduler has been used in Enterprise Manager (EM) to schedule a backup of your database. Which type of script does the backup scheduler generate?

    a) Recovery Manager (RMAN) script
    b) Enterprise Manager (EM) script
    c) SQL script
    d) Operating System (OS) script

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