You are currently viewing TapShare- A Revolutionizing File/Text Sharing Platform 2023

TapShare- A Revolutionizing File/Text Sharing Platform 2023

Tapshare is a emerging platform that helps sharing codes and files among peoples 

Sharing code and files among students in a computer lab is a common challenge faced by many educational institutions. Namuna College’s BCA faculty recognized the difficulties students encountered in this regard and set out to develop a solution. The result was TapShare, a groundbreaking file-sharing platform that simplifies the process and eliminates the need for authentication and login hassles. This article explores the inception of TapShare, the team behind its development, and how it addresses the problems faced by BCA students. 

Why Tapshare? 

tapshare A file/text sharing platform

Before TapShare, BCA students at Namuna College encountered several obstacles while sharing code and files in the computer lab. The primary challenges included: 

1. Code Deletion: The students faced the frustrating issue of their code being deleted from lab computers by other semester students, leading to loss of work and wasted effort. 

2. Authentication Issues: Accessing personal Google accounts on unfamiliar computers was not possible, making it tedious for students to send files or lab sheets to their Gmail or Google Drive. They had to go through the process of logging in first, which hindered productivity. 

3. Unreliable Alternatives: Existing file-sharing platforms had their own problems, such as excessive ads and the requirement for authentication, which added unnecessary complexity to the file-sharing process. 


To address the above challenges, the BCA faculty student initiated the development for its solution. They initially created an npm package called “sendFiles,” which allowed users to send files to another person’s Gmail without requiring login, but it necessitated the installation of Node.js. To make the process more accessible, the team decided to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) version, leading to the birth of TapShare. 

What Makes TapShare Different: 

TapShare distinguishes itself from other file-sharing platforms in several ways, providing a seamless and efficient experience for BCA students: 

1. Simplicity and Convenience: With a single click, TapShare enables users to effortlessly transfer files or share text between computers. The interface is user-friendly, eliminating the need for complex login procedures. 

2. No Login or Authentication Required: Unlike other platforms, TapShare eliminates the need for users to authenticate or log in, saving valuable time and enhancing productivity. 

3. Email and Phone Integration: TapShare takes file sharing to the next level by offering not only email integration but also seamless integration with phones. In addition to directly sending files to someone’s email, TapShare allows users to send files directly to a recipient’s phone number. 

Open Source: One of the key distinguishing features of TapShare is its commitment to open-source principles. TapShare is an open-source project, which means that its source code is freely available and can be accessed, modified, and distributed by anyone. This open nature encourages collaboration and allows developers to contribute to the platform’s improvement. 

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The Team Behind TapShare: 

The development of Tap Share was a collaborative effort undertaken by the dedicated BCA students at Namuna College. Although the specific team members’ names are not mentioned, they worked diligently to create a solution tailored to the needs of their fellow students. Their commitment and innovative thinking resulted in TapShare’s success as a reliable file-sharing platform. 


Tap Share, developed by the talented BCA students of Namuna College, has revolutionized file sharing for students facing challenges in computer labs. By eliminating the need for authentication, simplifying the sharing process, and integrating email functionality, Tap Share has become an invaluable tool for enhancing productivity and collaboration. With its user-friendly interface and commitment to addressing the problems faced by BCA students, Tap Share sets a new standard for seamless file sharing in educational environments. Keep Tapping ! 

How to use Tapshare: 

Using Tap Share is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow: Go to the Tap Share website: Tap on the middle icon button to upload the files you want to transfer. You can upload multiple files at once. Choose whether you want to send the files to email or phone number. If you choose email, enter the recipient’s email address. If you choose phone number, enter the recipient’s phone number(e.g:981232345)(Note: for premium user only, contact us on upgrading to premium) Click on the “Send” to initiate the file transfer.

The recipient will receive a notification with a link to download the files. Using generate Link Click on generate link to generate a code for your shared file. Share that code to other then they will be able to see your file For sharing code, click on share text button and enter the title and text/code you want to share. it will generate a code for you. share that generated code with other to share your text. 

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