You are currently viewing TU MCA program : What after BCA in Nepal?
TU MCA program What after BCA

TU MCA program : What after BCA in Nepal?

TU MCA program : What after BCA?

Are you looking forward to pursuing a career in Software Development or Information Technology? If yes,  then choosing to study Master of Computer Application might be the right choice. 

Tribhuvan University, situated in Nepal, has recently inaugurated its Master of Computer Application curriculum. This esteemed program spans a duration of two years, meticulously crafted to imbue both theoretical profundity and pragmatic expertise, thus catering to the burgeoning demand for adept professionals within the IT domain.

Upon successful completion of the MCA program, a plethora of career pathways beckon within IT enterprises. Graduates can seamlessly transition into roles such as System Developer, Software Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Software Application Architect, and Software Consultant.

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Moreover, avenues for career advancement extend beyond the private sector, with opportunities abound within governmental sectors through competitive channels. Additionally, lucrative prospects await within the realms of private enterprises and NGO/INGOs, thereby addressing the exigencies for IT specialists, computer professionals, and IT aficionados.

Here’s what you should know before applying for the course

Entrance criteria for MCA program by TU FOHSS

TU MCA Program Syllabus : What after BCA?

TU MCA program What after BCA TU BCA Course
TU MCA program What after BCA TU BCA Course
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