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What is JUMJUM. New ride sharing system in nepal

What is JumJum? Nepal’s Convenient Ride-Sharing Platform 2024

Introducing JumJum : New Ride Sharing Platform in Nepal

Are you tired of complex transportation services? Meet JumJum, Nepal’s new way to travel hassle-free. With the technical support of Sri Lankan Mobility Solution company Pickme and F1 soft Nepal, JUMJUM is here to simplify your rides.

Easy Payments

Forget about carrying cash or worrying about payment. With JUMJUM’s auto-deduct feature, your ride amount is automatically deducted after completion, just like Esewa.

Convenient Booking

Booking rides is a breeze with JumJum. You can book multiple rides at once and even arrange transportation for your family and friends. Plus, with Google Maps integration, navigation is smooth from start to finish.

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Safety First

Safety is a top priority at JumJum. Both riders and customers are covered with insurance upto 5 lakhs, providing peace of mind for every journey.

Cost-Effective Traveling

JUMJUM’s directional hires ensure efficient rides by matching riders with customers heading in the same direction. This saves time and money for everyone involved.

Rewards and Discounts

Unlock exclusive discounts and offers by using Esewa rewards points on the JumJum app. Enjoy savings on every ride and make your commute even more rewarding.

Flexible Traveling Options

JumJum offers flexibility with round trip booking and multiple stops, catering to your specific travel needs.

Benefits for Riders

Riders enjoy dedicated support, flexible working hours, and the freedom to withdraw earnings up to three times a day.

Affordable Pricing

Customers benefit from JUMJUM’s attractive pricing structure, including a 75% discount on the first three ride bookings.

Special Launch Offer

What is JUMJUM? Nepal's Convenient Ride-Sharing Platform 2024 Introducing JUMJUM BOOK a ride JUMJUM

New to JUMJUM? Enjoy a commission-free ride for the first two weeks as part of our special launch offer.


With its user-friendly features and commitment to safety, JumJum is changing the way Nepalese commute. Experience the convenience and affordability of JumJum today!


  1. Is JUMJUM available in all cities of Nepal?
    • JUMJUM is expanding its services to cover more cities gradually. Stay tuned for updates on new locations.
  2. How does JUMJUM ensure rider and customer safety?
    • JUMJUM prioritizes safety through insurance coverage, background checks for drivers, and real-time ride monitoring.
  3. Can I use Esewa rewards points on every ride?
    • Yes, you can use your Esewa rewards points on every ride booked through the JUMJUM app to avail of discounts and offers.
  4. What are the working hours for JUMJUM riders?
    • JUMJUM riders have the flexibility to choose their working hours according to their preferences and availability.
  5. How can I take advantage of the special launch offer?
    • Simply sign up as a rider on the JUMJUM app to enjoy commission-free rides for the first two weeks.

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