BCA Fifth Semester Introduction to Management old Question 2024

BCA Fifth Semester Introduction to Management old Question 2024

Course Title : Introduction to Management

Exam held on 2020 BCA 2018 Batch

Group B [6*5=30]

Attempt any Six Questions.

2. What is management? Explain the functions of management.

3. Define scientific management. Explain the major contributions made by F.W. Taylor.

    4. Describe the formal and informal group with suitable example.

    5. What is planning? Discuss the steps involved in planning process.

    6. What are the barriers of effective communication in any organizations? Explain.

    7. Why is motivation important to achieve organizational goals?

    8. Define delegation of authority, Explain major features of delegation of authority.

    (Check in for BCA Fifth Semester Old Questions)

    Group C [2*10=20]

    Attempt any TWO questions.

    9. Planning is head and controlling is tail. Justify.

    10. Define leadership. Explain different style of leadership with suitable example.

    11. What are managerial skills? What skills are essential for a successful manager.

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