BCA First Semester Society and Technology MCQ 2018 Batch

BCA First Semester Society and Technology MCQ 2018 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Society and Technology MCQ BCA
Batch: 2018
Semester: I

Group A: 1. Circle (O) the correct answer.  [10×1 = 10] 

1. Use of sociology to solve the problems of society is  

   a) Applied sociology  

   b) Basic sociology  

   c) Both a and b  

   d) None of these

2. Identify the types of culture  

   a) Material Culture  

   b) Non-material culture  

   c) Both a and b  

   d) None of these

3. Social disintegration is a process in which members of a society feel  

   a) United  

   b) Separated 

c) togetherness

d) none of these 

4. Polyandry is a form of marriage in which  

   a) Many women marry one man  

   b) Many men are husband of one woman  

   c) Both a and b  

   d) None of the above

5. A caste system as a pure theoretical type is based upon  

   a) Ascribed status  

   b) Achieved status  

   c) Both achieved and ascribed status  

   d) None of these

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6. Close face to face interactions like family are examples of  

   a) Group  

   b) Community  

   c) Society  

   d) None of these

7. A large social grouping that shares the same geographical territory and is subject to the same political authority and dominant expectations is  

   a) Primary social group  

   b) Secondary social group  

   c) Tertiary social group  

   d) None of the above

8. To be a computer professional is  

   a) Achieved status  

   b) Ascribed status  

   c) Both a and b  

   d) None of these

9. Technology is  

   a) Machine  

   b) Artificial things  

   c) Apparatus which reduces human efforts  

   d) All of the above

10. Mixed method in social research indicates  

    a) Qualitative method  

    b) Quantitative method  

    c) Both a and b  

    d) All of the above

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