BCA Fourth Semester Operating System MCQ 2021 Batch

BCA Fourth Semester Operating System MCQ 2021 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Operating System
Batch: 2021
Semester: IV

i. Which one of the following is not a desirable feature in CPU scheduling?

a) Maximum CPU Utilization b) Minimum throughput

c) Minimum turnaround time d) Minimum response time

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ii. Identify the system for which FCFS algorithm is not suitable for CPU scheduling.

a) Multiprocessing system b) Time sharing System

c) Distributed System d) Multi- programming system

iii. Which one of the following consists of variables and data structures along with the procedures for solving synchronization problem?

a) semaphores b) mutex

c) Monitor d) Deadlock

iv. CPU switching from ine process to another requires saving the state of the next process is called

a) Task Switching b) process switching

c) Context switching d) Inner process switching

v. Which of the following is not a requirement for the solution to critical section problem?

a) No two processes may be simultaneously inside the critical section

b) A process running outside the critical section may block other process to enter in the critical section

c) No process should have to wait forever to enter a critical section

d) The decision of which process should enter the critical section should not be indefinitely postponed

vi. Which one of the following deadlock handing technique uses Banker’s algorithm?

a) Deadlock detection b) Deadlock avoidance

c) Deadlock termination d) Deadlock recovery

vii. Which one of the following techniques relocates processes in memory so the holes create one contiguous hole in the memoгу?

a) paging b) segmentation

c) fragmentation d) Compaction

viii. If there are n resources of same types and 3 processes A, B and C each demanding resource instances 2, 4, 8 respectively, What will be the value of ‘n for which deadlock will not occur?

a) 8 b) 10

c) 11 d) 12

ix. Identify the name of the process in which a page is copied in the main memory from secondary memory on the basis of requirements.

b) segmentation b) paging

c) Demand paging d) memory mapping

x. What is the maximum length (number of characters) of the filename in DOS?

a) 8 b) 32

c) 64 d) 1024

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