Computer Graphics and Animation MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch

Computer Graphics and Animation MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch – Exam held on May 2024

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Semester: v
Batch: 2020
Subject: Computer Graphics and Animation
Code: CACS 305

  1. Circle (O) the correct answer.
    i. How many bits per pixel is used to define 256 level of colors?
    a) 3 b) 6 c) 8 d)24
    ii. If a polygon is to be scaled using a scaling factor, what should done?
    a) scaling the center
    b) scaling each end points
    c) scaling each intermediate points of the edges of the polygon
    d) translating to origin and again replacing it to original position
    iii. If a point (3,4) is translated to a new (8,-3), what was the translation factor tx
    and ty?

    a) tx=1 1 ,t’F1
    b) tx.5, 1
    c) tx=5,ty=-1
    d) tx=5, ty=-7
    iv. In md-point circle drawing algorithm, if P<O, what will be the expression for the
    value of next decision parameter?

    a) p-p+2X+l
    b) p-p+2y+1
    c) p=p+2x+2Y+1
    d) p•p+2x-2Y+1
    V. ln Sutherland Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm, if first vertex is outside and second vertex is inside the which of the are added to the output list?
    a) First vertex only
    b) Intersection point only
    c) First vertex and the intersection point
    d) Intersection point and the second vertex
    vi. If a pint (2, 5) is reflected on the line x=3, what will the resulting point?
    a) (2.8) b) (4,5) c) (5,2) d) (2,1)
    vii. If the first bit of the region code of a point is 1, then where does this lie with
    respect to the clipping window?

    a) Right b) Left c) Top d) Bottom

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vii. In back face detecion method, if the value of D < O, then..
a) plane is towards the observer
b) plane is at the origin
c) plane is away from the observer
d) plane is in between origin and the observer
ix. Which of the following feature of a virtual reality defines the amount and quality of stimuli and sensations?
a) Imagination
b) Immersion
c) Interaction
d) Morphing
x. Which of the following type of the virtual reality is used in a PC video game?
a) Non-immersive
b) Immersive
c) Semi-immersive
d) Mixed

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