BCA Fourth Semester Software Engineering MCQ 2021 Batch

BCA Fourth Semester Software Engineering MCQ 2021 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Software Engineering MCQ BCA
Batch: 2021
Semester: IV

Multiple Choice Questions

i. Attributes of good software is……. a) Maintainability and functionality

    a) Maintainability and Functionality b) Functionality

    c) Maintainability d) Development

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    ii. ……. is a software development life cycle model that is chosen if the development team has less experience on similar projects.

    a) Spiral b) Waterfall

    c) RAD d) Iterative Enhancement

    iii…………is included in SRS

    a) Delivery schedule b) Design constraints

    c) Cost d) Staffing

    iv. Cohesion is the qualitative indication of the degree to which a module.

    a) can be be written more compactly b) is able to complete its function in a timely manner

    c) focuses on just one thing d) is connected to other modules and outside world.

    v . What is the role of software development tools in the development process?

    a) To support a single activity b) To support the complete development process

    c) To automate the software development process d) To reduce the demand for software personnel

    vi. Degree to which design specifications are followed in manufacturing the product is called…….

    a) Quality conformance b) Quality control

    c) Quality assurance d) None of the mentioned

    vii. Which of the following testing is related to the boundary value analysis?

    a) White-box testing b) White-box and black box testing

    c) Black-box testing d) None of the mentioned

    viii. The modification of the software to match changes in the ever-changing environment, falls under which category of software maintenance?

    a) Perfective b) Preventive

    c) Adaptive d) Corrective

    ix. Which of the following is not considered as a risk in project management?

    a) Testing b) Staff turnover

    c) Specification delays d) Product Completion

    x) Which of the following is not project management goal?

    a) Avoiding customer complaints. b ) Maintaining a happy and well-functioning development team

    c) Delivering the software to the customer at the agreed time d) Keeping overall costs within budget.

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