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Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts

Google to Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts Starting December 2023: Ensure Account Security 


Google has recently updated its policy, and starting December 2023, has decided to delete inactive Gmail accounts. Personal Google accounts that remain inactive for two years will be deleted. This change comes as a security measure to reduce the risk of compromised accounts and to decrease the amount of retained personal information. If you have a Gmail account that you haven’t used in a long time, it’s time to take action to prevent your account from being deleted. Let’s explore the policy update and how it may impact you. 

The Updated Policy Explained 

The new policy states that any Google account that hasn’t been used or signed in for two years will be considered a “inactive account.” Google may erase inactive accounts and all of their data forever. Gmail communications, Google Docs, Drive documents, Meet recordings, Calendar events, YouTube videos, and Google Photos are all included in this.  

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What Constitutes an Active Account?

Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts

To keep your Google account active and safe from deletion, engage with it regularly through the following actions: 

  • Reading or sending emails through Gmail 
  • Usage of Google Drive for file storage and sharing 
  • Watching videos on YouTube 
  • Downloading apps from the Google Play Store 
  • Conducting Google searches while logged into your account 
  • Signing into third-party apps using “Sign in with Google.” 

Reasons Behind the Policy Change 

The primary motivation for Google’s policy update is to bolster online security. Dormant accounts with long periods of inactivity are more susceptible to hacking and phishing attempts. Google aims to reduce the risk of account compromise by deleting inactive accounts. 

Furthermore, by deleting inactive accounts, Google lessens the amount of user data it has on file, further boosting consumer privacy and security. 

Implications for Businesses 

For businesses that utilize personal Google accounts to integrate with third-party tools like Looker Studio or reporting tools, it’s crucial to take note of this policy update. Such accounts may not be set up as business accounts and could be at risk of deletion. 

Steps to Ensure Account Security 

Google to Delete Inactive Gmail Accounts

To maintain active and secure Google accounts, follow these essential steps: 

  • Account Inventory: Take inventory of any shared Google accounts used, especially in agencies, and document them for future reference. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication for all Google accounts to add an extra layer of security. 
  • Recovery Email: Document the dedicated recovery email set up for each account to facilitate account recovery if needed. 
  • Account Settings: Ensure all account settings are up-to-date to keep accounts active and functional. 


Google’s new policy update to delete inactive Gmail accounts highlights the importance of maintaining account security and data privacy. By taking proactive measures and engaging with your Google account regularly, you can ensure its safety and prevent any unwanted deletions. As December 2023 approaches, be vigilant and safeguard your Google account to continue enjoying its services without any interruptions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When will Google start deleting inactive accounts?

Google will begin deleting inactive accounts starting from December 2023. So, if you have an account that has been dormant for two years or more, it may be at risk of deletion. 

2. Will this policy apply to business or organizational Google accounts?

No, the policy change only affects personal Google accounts. Business or organizational accounts will not be impacted by this update. 

3. What happens to the data in an inactive Gmail account?

With the updated policy, not only the data but the entire account, including Gmail messages, Docs, Drive files, Meet recordings, Calendar events, YouTube videos, and Google Photos, may be deleted for inactive accounts. 

4. How do I keep my account from being deleted?

To keep your account active and secure, engage with it regularly by reading or sending emails, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, downloading apps from the Play Store, performing Google searches while logged in, or signing into third-party apps using “Sign in with Google.” 

5. What happens if I have multiple Google accounts and can’t remember them?

If you have multiple accounts and are uncertain about their status, you can use Google’s account recovery tools to reactivate them. Ensure you have access to the recovery email associated with each account for a smooth recovery process. 

6. Why did Google introduce this policy?

Google implemented this policy update to address online security threats and minimize the risk of compromised accounts. Inactive accounts are more susceptible to hacking or phishing attempts, so deleting them helps enhance overall user security. 

7. Can I still access my account if it has been marked as inactive?

Once your account is deemed inactive and scheduled for deletion, you won’t be able to access it anymore. Therefore, it’s essential to use your Google Account at least once every two years to maintain its active status. 

8. How will Google notify users before deleting their accounts?

Google will send multiple notices via email to both the account’s email address and the recovery email associated with the account. These notifications will serve as warnings before proceeding with the account deletion. 

9. Can I recover a deleted Google account?

The answer is no, once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your account active by engaging with it regularly and setting up security measures like two-factor authentication. 

10. Can I retrieve data from a deleted Google account?

Unfortunately, no. Once an account is deleted, all its data will be permanently lost. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure account activity to retain access to your valuable information and services. 

Remember, staying active with your Google Account ensures that you continue to enjoy its features and services while keeping your data safe from deletion. Take proactive steps to maintain account security and prevent any unwanted consequences. 

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