MIS and E-Business MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2024

MIS and E-Business MCQ BCA Fifth Semester 2024

mis and e-business mcq bca fifth semester
MIS and E-Business MCQ BCA Fifth Semester

BCA Fifth Semester MCQ
MIS and E-business MCQ
Batch 2020

i. Which of the following is an example of pure e-commerce?
a) A local bookstore that sells books both in-store and on its website.
b) An online retailer that exclusively sells eBook through its website.
c) A clothing with both physical retail outlets and a presence on the internet.
d) A grocery store that offers online ordering for home delivery.

ii. What is the primary focus of m-commerce?
a) Mobile devices are utilized for making purchase.
c) Online transactions through desktop computers.
b) Sales conducted in physical retail stores.
d) Financial transactions carried out in banks.

iii. What does the abbreviation WiMAX represent?
a) wireless maximum communication
b) worldwide international standard for microwave access
c) internet maximum
d) worldwide interoperability for microwave access

iv. Which of the following statements does not describe a feature of SG technology?
a) Lower latency
b) Decreased network capacity
c) Higher data transfer rates
d) Increased network reliability

v. Which of the following most accurately describes outsourcing?
a) Acquiring another company to expand operations
b) business to a different country.
c) Hiring temporary employees for short-term projects.
d) Transferring business activities or processes to an external service provider.

vi. What is the main role of a Transaction Processing System (TPS)?
a) Processing and recording transactions in real-time
b) Automating routine tasks within an organization
c) Generating reports for managerial decision-making
d) Analyzing historical data for trend analysis

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vii. What the role of a Management Information System (MIS) in enhancing
organizational efficiency?

a) By replacing human decision-making with automated algorithms
b) By reducing the number of employees within the organization
c) By eliminating the need for employee training programs
d) By providing accurate and timely information for decision-making

Viii. What phrase describes refining a website’s framework and backend to enhance its
visibility on search engines?

a) On page SEO
b) SEO
c) Off-page SEO
d) Technical SEO

ix. What is the main benefit of utilizing online payment cards for electronic commerce

a) Lower risk of fraud
b) Slower transaction processing times
c) acceptance by online merchants
d) Higher transaction fees

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x. What the aim of encryption in e-commerce security?
a) Enhancing the speed of website loading.
b) Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information
c) Minimizing server downtime.
d) Enhancing search engine optimization (SEO)

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