MIS and E-Business Question BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch

MIS and E-Business Question BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch

Here’s the content of MIS and E-Business Question BCA Fifth Semester 2020 Batch.

Course Title: MIS and E-Business Code No: CACS 301

Pass Marks: 24

Semester: V

Time: 3 hours

Group B Attempt any SIX questions. [6 * 5 = 30]

2. What is L-Commerce? Explain Limitations and Barriers of EC? [1 + 2 + 2]

3. What is SCM? Explain Supply Chain Management of Nike sneakers whose components are laces, eyelets, uppers and soles? [1 + 4]

4. What is I-Way? Explain the components of I – Way [1 + 4]

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5. Write short notes on: [2.5 + 2.5]

a) ACH b) Cryptography and its types

6. What is Bitcoin? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using bitcoin for payment. [1 + 4]

7. What are the different types of websites? Explain each of them in detail. [5]

8. Discuss the security issues related of wireless communication. [5]

Group C [2 * 10 = 20]

Attempt any TWO questions

9. What is SEO and explain the cycle of SEO? Explain the use of Bots in SEO? [2 + 4 + 4]

10. What is Expert System? What are the components of Expert System? What are its characteristics? [2 + 4 + 4]

11. a) Differentiate between Extranet, Intranet and Internet.[5]

b) What is social network? Discuss some social media types. [5] [1 + 4]

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