You are currently viewing Nepali Hackers reaches on semi-final of HackerOne Ambassador World Cup 2023, defeating American team

Nepali Hackers reaches on semi-final of HackerOne Ambassador World Cup 2023, defeating American team

HackerOne Ambassador World Cup 2023

A group of skilled Nepali hackers has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a coveted spot in the semi-finals of the ‘HackerOne Ambassador World Cup 2023’ competition, triumphing over their American counterparts.

Team Nepal, under the leadership of Anand Dhakal, proudly announced their victory over the American hacker team, propelling them into the highly anticipated semi-finals. Dhakal shared that this intense quarter-final showdown unfolded from July 5 to July 19, resulting in Nepal’s impressive advancement past the American team.

The HackerOne Ambassador World Cup stands as a premier global competition that unites hacker teams from diverse corners of the world, putting their skills to the test by uncovering vulnerabilities within various systems. Points are awarded based on the number of identified weaknesses or bugs within a stipulated timeframe, with the ultimate winner determined by accumulating the most points.

Nepal’s inspiring journey to the semi-finals commenced during the group stage of the competition on March 13. Here, they demonstrated their prowess by triumphing over formidable opponents, India and Pakistan, securing a coveted position among the top 16 contenders. India also joined Nepal in the prestigious top 16 rankings.

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In a subsequent face-off held from May 2 to 16, Nepal squared off against Saudi Arabia in the Sweet Sixteen round and emerged victoriously, thus advancing to the coveted quarter-finals. Dhakal proudly revealed that their impressive run continued as they outperformed the American team during the quarter-finals, which were conducted virtually from July 5 to July 19.

Looking ahead, Nepal’s next formidable challenge will be against Spain, slated to take place from September 26 to October 10. A win against Spain will firmly secure Nepal’s spot in the highly anticipated final competition, scheduled to be hosted in Argentina. In the event of a loss to Spain, Nepal will still have the opportunity to vie for the prestigious third-place position. Notably, the formidable Team Nepal comprises 26 exceptionally talented hackers who have demonstrated their prowess on a global stage.

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