Network Administration MCQ BCA Seventh Semester 2019 Batch

Network Administration MCQ BCA Seventh Semester 2019 Batch

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Network Administration
Batch: 2019
Semester: VII

1. Circle (O) the correct answer.
i) Which of the following reflects a recent trend in network administration?
a) Emphasis on centralized server management.
b) Increasing reliance on IPv4 addressing due to its stability.
c) Adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) for flexible network control.
d) Preference for physical server infrastructure over virtualization.

    ii) What is a significant aspect of modern workstation architecture design?
    a) Relying solely on wired connections for networking.
    b) Integration of non-upgradable components to reduce maintenance costs.
    c) Emphasis on proprietary software solutions for flexibility.
    d) Incorporation of high-speed solid-state drives (SSDs) for improved performance.

    iii. What is a primary advantage of using redundant power supplies in server hardware?

    a) Decreased energy consumption.
    b) Improved performance.
    c) Increased reliability and uptime.
    d) Reduced initial cost.

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    iv)Which of the following is a key consideration in requirement planning and engineering for network service administration?
    a) Overprovisioning network resources to ensure peak performance at all times.
    b) Minimizing redundancy to reduce costs.
    c) Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to prioritize critical traffic.
    d) Limiting network monitoring to reduce administrative overhead.

    v)What is a key consideration when selecting a location for a datacenter?
    a) Proximity to residential areas for easy access by users.
    b) Availability of high-speed internet for fast data transfer.
    c) Temperature fluctuations for natural cooling.
    d) Exposure to frequent power outages.

    vi)Which of the following best describes a primary purpose of a datacenter?
    a) Providing physical storage for personal devices
    b) Offering cloud-based gaming services.
    c) Hosting and managing servers and networking equipment.
    d) Facilitating social media interactions.

    vii . When planning a server upgrade, what is a critical consideration?
    a) Ignoring future growth projections.
    b) Disregarding compatibility with existing software.
    c) Ensuring minimal disruption to services.
    d) Avoiding any hardware changes

    viii. What is a benefit of upgrading server software?
    a) Decreased security measures.
    b) Reduced compatibility with other systems.
    c) Enhanced functionality and security patches.
    d) Increased risk of system crashes.

    ix)Which protocol is commonly used for communication in web services?
    a) HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).
    b) SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
    c) FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
    d) TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

    x)When creating a procurement plan for an enterprise-level network setup, which factor is most crucial to consider
    a) Selecting vendors with the lowest upfront costs.
    b) Prioritizing speed over reliability in equipment selection.
    c) Ensuring compatibility and interoperability of hardware and software.
    d) Ignoring warranty and support options for cost- saving purposes.

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