OOP in Java old Question BCA Third Semester 2019-2021

BCA Third Semester OOP in Java old Question 2021

Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6 * 5 = 30]

2. What is jagged array? Write a java program to initialize and display jagged array element with sum of each row. [1+4]

3. What are uses of this keyword? Write a java program to implement method overloading concept. [2 + 3]

4. Why inheritance is needed in java? How will you implement multiple inheritance using interface? Explain with program. [1+4]

5. What is multithreading? Explain with program, how you will create thread by implementing runnable interface and extending Thread class. [1 + 2 + 2]

6. What are exception handling keyword in java? Write java program to illustrate the concept of NullPointerException and NumberFormatException.

7. What is serialization? Write a java program to write three student information (Roll, Name, Address, College) into file student.txt and display the student information whose address is Jhapa. [1 + 4]

8. What is Wrapper class? Explain with program, how will you use iterator and comparator incollection objects? [1 + 2 + 2] ›

Group C [2 * 10 = 20]

Attempt any TWO questions.

9. What is difference between class and interface in java? Create a java class Time with threeattribute hours, minutes, and seconds. Use appropriate constructors to initialize instancevariable. Use methods to display time in HH:MM:SS format, add and subtract two time object.Implement the class to add, subtract and display time object.[3 + 7]

10. How AWT is differing from Swing? Write a GUI program using components to find factorialand cube of number. Use TextField for giving input and Label for output. The program shoulddisplay factorial if user press mouse on result button and cube if user release mouse from resultbutton. [4+6]

11. What is JDBC? Write a java program to connect database Company and insert 5 employee record (Eld, Ename, Salary, Department) in Employee table and display the employee record who’s Department is “Sales”. [2 + 4 + 4]

BCA Third Semester OOP in Java old Question 2020

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. Define OOP. Write the characteristic of OOP Language [ 1 + 4 ]

3. Explain the Operators available in Java Programming

4. Define Loop. Write a java Program to print first n prime numbers.

5. Differentiate between abstract class and Interface with suitable example

6. Define access modifier. Explain access modifiers in java with example

7. Define exception. Explain exception handling mechanism in java with example

8. Write short note on (any Two):
a) Final Keyword
b) Collection class

Attempt any Two question

9. a. Write a program to create and use java package.
b. Define thread. Explain the life cycle of thread

10. a Write a program to sort name of any five cities in ascending order
b. Define Polymorphism. How do we achieve polymorphism in java explain with example

11. a. Differentiate between Java AWT and Java Swing. Explain different type of layout manager in Java GUI Programming

b. Write a java GUI Program to calculate square of entered number

BCA Third Semester OOP in Java old Question 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. Define OOP. Explain features of object oriented programming language.

3. Explain different type of control statements used in Java.

4. Define Abstract Class. Explain different type of Access control in Java.

5. Define method Overriding? Write any program to implement concept of multiple inheritance in Java.

6. Why is it important to handle exception in Java? Write a program to illustrate the use of exception handling.

7. Define the use of static Keyword. Write any four string methods used in java with example

8. Define super, final and this keyword in Java. Explain the concept of MVC in brief.

Group C

Attempt any Two question

9.a. Define Multi threading. Write a java program to show the inter-thread communication.

b. Define Stream. Write a program in java to copy the content from one file to another.

a. Define collection class. Explain different Wrapper classes and associated method in java

b. Define AWT. Explain different type of Layout Manager in Java

11. a. List and explain any five swing controls with their uses.

b. Define JDBC. Write a program to display all records from table of a database

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