You are currently viewing Web Technology old Question BCA Third Semester 2020,2019
Web Technology Old questions BCA

Web Technology old Question BCA Third Semester 2020,2019

Web Technology old Question BCA Third Semester 2020

Group B

Attempt any Six Questions.

2. What is HTML 5? Explain Characteristics of HTML 5

3. Write HTML Tag to Generate the Following Table


4. Design the following Website Menu with the use of an HTML list and Appropriate CSS.

Home | News | Contact | About

5. Compare and Contrast between a block-level element and an inline element in HTML?

6. What is CSS Selector? Explain different types of selectors with suitable example

7. Why session is required in web development? Explain how you set and remove values stored in session with a suitable example?

8. Critically Analysis the pitfall of the 3-tier technology in comparison with n-tier Technology

Group C

Attempt and Two Questions

9. Design the following layout of a webpage with the use of div and appropriate CSS.

10. What is a server-side script for the login process assume that username and password have already existed on database TU under the user table(id, user, password).

11. What are the rules for Well-Formed XML Document? Create a sample well-formed XML and validate it with DTD Schema.

Web Technology old Question BCA Third Semester 2019

Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. What is HTML Link? Explain different link used in html.

3. Write the HTML Tag to generate the following Table


4. Write HTML tag to generate the following output


5. “It is discourage to use frame in web development”. Explain the reason

6. What is the strength of CSS? What are the various apporaches to include CSS document in HTML ?

7. What is cookie ? Explain how you set and remove value stored in cookies with suitable examples ?

8. Write HTML tag to generate the following output.


Group C

Attempt any Two question

9. Is XML replacement for HTML? Explain different types of tier technology with suitable example diagram.

10. Write a server site script to display all the record store in student table which reside under the database called T.U. The structure of student table (id, name, address).

11. Write well formed XML document and validate with the use of XML schema.


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