BCA Seventh Semester MCQ Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 2024

BCA Seventh Semester MCQ Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 2024

BCA Seventh Semester MCQ
Subject Cyber law and professional ethics
Subject Code: CACS401
Batch 2019

BCA Seventh Semester MCQ Cyber law
BCA Seventh Semester MCQ cyber law and professional ethics

i. It is concerned with the moral character or goodness of the individual carrying out an act.
a) Virtue ethics approach
b) Fairness approach
c) Utilitarian approach
d) Common good Approach

ii.’Uilicarianism in the professional ethics is
a) an acquired habit that helps to lead a rational life
b) a skill to solve a current ethical by comparing it with similar problems from +the past and their outcome
c) a right of activists to their own
d) a judgment of an action by the consequences of that action

iii. The hackers whose main motive is to gain financial by doing cybercrime is
a) White Hat Hackers
b) Hacktivists
c) Black Hat Hackers
d) None of above

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iv. Which one of the Following is not certification related to computer forensie.
a) CCE(Certified Computer Examiner)
b) CISSP ( Certified Information System Professional)
c) CSFA (Cyber Forensic Analyst)
d) CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate)

v. Which of the following rights are not into the text of the first amendment?
a) Freedom of speech b) Freedom of press c) Right to privacy d) Right to petition of government

vi) which of the following describes sensitive information?
a) Address. b) Name c) Religion d) Call Record

vii) ………………. Software allows anyone to use copy and distribute it with modifications free of cost.
a) Open Source software b) Freeware software
c) Shareware software d) Utility software consider the following real-life example

viii) If a person uses someone’s song as background music in his/her music video then could be an act a person is an example of:

a) Copyright Infringement b) Identity theft c) Hacking d) Cyber bullying

ix) A whistieblover must ensure that the revilations are based on the
a) The right things to do b) Public opinion c) facts d) Self preservation

x) white box technologies are also as
a) Design based testing b) Error guessing technique c) Structural testing d) None of the mentioned

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