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Instagram Data Leak Exposes 17 Million Accounts, 178 GB in TikTok Data Leak, and Yahoo Databases


In a shocking revelation, the dark web has witnessed one of the most significant data breaches in recent times. The SOCRadar Dark Web Team, specialized in cyber intelligence, has uncovered a massive data leak that impacts some of the most popular social media platforms globally—TikTok, Instagram, and Yahoo. The leaked databases contain sensitive information, including millions of Instagram user records, a colossal 178GB of TikTok data, and confidential Yahoo account details. Additionally, the breach extends to unauthorized access to an online store in Spain and the Mexican Youth Institute’s database. This article dives deep into the specifics of the data leak, its potential consequences, and the measures users must take to protect themselves from such breaches. 

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Details of the Massive Data Leak  

The leaked TikTok database, reportedly in JSON format, originated from Although the exact date of the breach remains uncertain, a staggering 178GB of data has been exposed. Interestingly, during the same week, another threat actor leaked the same information on a different forum, claiming the data goes as far back as 2022, possibly containing older records. 

The Instagram data leak, totaling over 17 million records in JSON format, comprises valuable user data, including usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, locations, and names. Experts suggest that the nature of this data indicates that it might have been sourced from publicly available information, raising concerns about data privacy and security. 

The Instagram Database Leak 

As for Yahoo, the leaked information is not entirely disclosed yet, leaving users uncertain about the extent of the breach and the specific data compromised. Given Yahoo’s vast user base, this data leak has significant implications for the affected individuals. 

Attacks on IMJUVE and the Spanish Online Store 

The Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud (IMJUVE) has also fallen victim to this series of cyberattacks. The threat actor behind the data leak claims to possess complete access to IMJUVE’s database, offering it for sale on the dark web. Furthermore, the same actor boasts about having more than 3,000 recordings available for sale, raising alarms about the scale and scope of this cyber breach. 

Additionally, the Spanish-based online store faced unauthorized access attempts, with admin access credentials offered for sale. The threat actor disclosed that they have detailed information about the store’s operations, including order numbers and the price for admin access. 

The Severity of Data Leaking and Security Risks 

Data leaking poses an enormous security risk for both individuals and businesses alike. With personal and confidential information exposed, cybercriminals can exploit this data for nefarious purposes. From hacking email accounts and accessing private texts to manipulating social media postings, the potential consequences are concerning. Users must take immediate action to safeguard their personal information. 

Precautions for Ensuring Personal Information Safety 

  • Strengthen Password Security: Utilize strong and unique passwords for all online accounts, combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable information such as birthdays or names. 
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Implement two-factor authentication whenever possible, adding an extra layer of security to your accounts. This way, even if your password gets compromised, hackers will struggle to gain unauthorized access. 
  • Stay Informed About Data Breaches: Keep yourself updated with news about data breaches and cyber threats. Following reliable cybersecurity news outlets can help you. 

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