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How to apply IPO in bulk? Apply share in bulk – Share Bhumi

Apply IPO in Bulk

Here you can know the steps to apply IPO in Bulk. As a tool for people to increase their wealth, investment in shares and IPOs has gained popularity in recent years. However, keeping multiple Demat accounts and submitting IPO applications can be difficult because it necessitates customers logging in to numerous systems and switching between various logins. This issue is intended to be resolved by Share Bhumi, a ground-breaking online platform created by Bipin Thapa that enables users to manage various Demat accounts and submit IPO applications from a single platform.

The easy nature of use is one of Share Bhumi’s best qualities. The platform’s user-friendly layout makes it simple for consumers to navigate and submit IPO applications. Users can use the platform by logging in using their Depository Participants login, password, CRN, and pin. They can add as many Demat accounts as they like to the platform after logging in, and there is no cap on how many accounts they can add.

Users may navigate to the Apply IPO page after adding their accounts to apply for any IPO that is currently up for application. The portal provides a list of all accessible IPOs for application, as well as all relevant information about each IPO, such as issue size, price band, and minimum investment amount. Users can select the IPO for which they want to apply and the Demat account from which they wish to apply.

1.Open your web browser and visit BulkShare.
2.On the homepage, navigate to the “Demat Account” section and click on it.
ipo in bulk
3.On the next page, look for the “Add New Account” option and click on it.
4.Fill in the required details. Once you have provided all the necessary details, click on the “Add Account” button.
5.Next, click on the “Apply IPO” option from the menu.
6.Browse through the list of available IPOs and select the one you wish to apply for. Once you have selected the IPO, click on the “Apply” button.

That’s it! You have successfully applied for an IPO.

Share Bhumi is a crucial tool for investors who want to effectively manage numerous Demat accounts and submit IPO applications. It completely changes the game for online share application platforms thanks to its straightforward user interface, real-time updates, and unlimited account addition capacity. It is still a helpful tool for investors who want to streamline their investment processes and keep up with the most recent IPOs even though it does not offer share-related news. By using Share Bhumi to manage their investments, investors can save time and effort and concentrate on making wise decisions and increasing their wealth.

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